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Minnesota Street Market is a cooperatively-owned store that sells local food and local art in the former Loso’s Store in downtown St. Joseph, MN. Open to the public; membership is appreciated but not required.

Minnesota Street Market is your hub for local food, art, and education for sustainable living and fostering community connections between land, people, and institutions.

If you’d like to learn more, you may take a look at our brochure or our About section.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining as a member or volunteering at the store.

Welcome our new General Manager, Shar Bjerke

Shar starts at the co-op on Tuesday, August 18.  Come in and visit!

She ran a small embroidery and logo-wear business for a decade. A graduate of Farm Beginnings, a Land Stewardship Project program, she is well-versed in financial planning, alternative marketing and low-cost sustainable farming techniques.  She describes herself as “a passionate, local, whole foods and health supporter and activist” and sees her greatest skill as business planning.

Many thanks to our local producers and artists who met with members at Member Appreciation Weekend!MnStMktCollage

Producers: Luke Pietron of Alaska Wild Fish Company in Cushing, Minnesota (smoked salmon, cod and halibut), Kate Ritger of Common Ground Garden at St. Benedict’s Monastery in St. Joseph (chemical-free fruits and vegetables), Jim Degiovanni of Dancing Bears Organic Farm in St. Joseph (soap, lamb, chicken, eggs and certified organic produce), Shelley Carlson of Wildwood Ranch in St. Joseph (maple syrup), Lisa Baker of Bakers’ Acres (chemical-free produce)

Artists: Painter Lou Tollefson, photographer Doug Jenkins, jewelry maker Hannah K. Anderson, quilter Caron Lage, sculptor Chris Gustafson, potter Joel Cherrico.

What our members say are a few of their favorite things at the market:

Sara Stueve. I like all the local artist artwork/handicrafts that are available.
Sami Vine I love the bulk honey! It is a great price and a delicious addition to my tea. My favorite item is definitely the Terroir Chocolates — especially the Cafe au lait! Yum!
Jim Read I like the Tomato King and Dancing Bears pesticide-free tomatoes, the Sea Smoke coffee beans, and the Collegeville Artisan Bakery bread.
Amee Heigl I’m going to second Sami on the Whiskey Creek honey! We also love all local meats and produce.
Adia Zeman Love all of the local veggies and produce. The last sweet potatoes I bought were AMAZING!
Kelly Neisen Local small business, friendly staff, pretty much everything.
Anita ‘Woods’ Fischer Love the bulk honey, oats, oat bran, sunflower nuts! I couldn’t make my granola without the Minnesota Street Market!
Jennifer Storkamp Fortwengler I love all the bulk items, the local honey, and the fresh bread.
Kaila Forster I love the string cheese and fresh cookies!
Susan Sink Minnesota Street Market and all the goodies within! Stopped by today for some organic sugar for my next batch of pickles!
Jackie Terwey-Feiler I love the small town feel.
Marianne Cassidy Love all the local foods from farmers as well as having a selection of natural packaged foods and other products like toiletries; and love being a part of the market in that it’s a co-op. I think it’s been growing great too from when it first opened until now.
Sarah Drake The artist community.
Natalie Keane Deli salads made fresh from volunteers Mike and Diane, and the MNStMkt Housemade Curry Hummus by Mary and Danielle!
Jessie L. Sandoval The people who greet you when you come in the store is one of my favorite things about the co-op. For food items – the Good Life organic peanut butter and local honey are family favorites!
Deb Pflueger Reber Friendly and knowledgeable staff!
Barb Brinkman Friendly and very helpful. I love the sunflower oil.
Maria Stanek Burnham The bulk honey and vanilla! Ooh, and my kids love the gummy bears in the bulk section, too!
Anne Battig Kaluza Orangina soda, Collegeville Artisan Bakery cookies, bulk yogurt-covered raisins.
Patsy Murphy Whiskey Creek honey ( bulk), local fresh goat cheese when it’s in season, organic eggs, Collegeville artisan bakery baguette, Good Life peanut butter, hand rolled butter, apricots, produce of all kinds, the friendly, skilled staff and volunteers and the locals/friends I see every time I shop at our hometown grocery store.
JuneMarie Friedrich The artisan bread….even when its frozen, the Naan bread of course and I love the pottery; bought my favorite coffee cup here.
Carla Bauer We love the bulk items, especially the spices. The store has such a wonderful wholesomeness to it! The people make it great.
Melanie Klisch Bulk honey and the bread.
Martha Boyle The friendly staff and the SMELL.
Rebecca Ann Loch-Hilley The artisan breads, fresh honey and butter. It is a great grocery store.
Jeny Meyer We love the fresh variety, and the grass fed meats.
Noreen Herzfeld Love the fresh produce, EO personal products, and having a naan bakery in the back!
Patricia Benson I love the great food from LOCAL farmers. You know, the stuff that traveled from 2 to 30 miles to get here. You can’t find that just anywhere. And the artists! Love meeting the creative spirits behind the beauty that now graces our home. But most of all? I love the people, folks who have become friends through connecting at the co-op. This place is just so special!
Brad Busse Love this store and all that is in it!
Emily Eisenschenk Looks so yummy!
Sara Boleyn We love the milk in glass bottles.
Mike Meyer Thank you for the constant support of our community!
Jami Ann Trenam I love knowing where the meat and produce comes from and the simple charm of the store.

Current Art Exhibit, through Oct. 31, 2015 

Barry Opatz. Photography.

He grew up in Little Falls, served in Viet Nam, where he was introduced to 35mm cameras. His boyhood friend Randy Jarvis called about a great photographic opportunity in Spooner, Wisconsin — an old rail yard at different stages of disrepair. Opatz says that “sparked our imaginations for limitless photo opportunities.” The result was a “magical abstract wonderland” that you can see at the Minnesota Street Market gallery. Barry has served as vice president of marketing for Marco since 1987, an experienced technology marketing executive currently focusing on social media and digital marketing.

Chris Gustafson. Welded Steel Sculpture.

He grew up in a log cabin on a Minnesota lake, surrounded by coniferous trees. He was home schooled by his artist mother until the third grade. He watched his handy-man father build and fix just about everything from their home to any and every vehicle. He was a Legos geek and has been welding since he was eleven years old. After graduating from Bemidji High School, he studied mechanical engineering and art at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. After leaving school he traveled, studied food systems via organic farming and community garden volunteer experience. He currently  lives in Saint Cloud, producing works of art using industrial scrap metal.

Jeff Lee. Paintings.LeeArt

Jeff has done keyboards, harmonica and vocals with “The Receders” and other local bands, including a Bruce Springsteen tribute show last year at Pioneer Place. As a young man, he enjoyed watercolor painting, but became, he says, “distracted” in a good way with “touring, raising a family and working a ‘real’ job.”  Now that he’s an empty nester, he has picked up his brush and paint again!


 Katie Ballantine. Ceramics.

A resident of Collegeville Township, Katie Ballantine is a locally grown, self-taught design consultant and visual artist: “I grew up with my hands in the dirt: playing, planting, building. Lying on my back studying the trees, the interplay of light, and color, and texture. Every path I have walked in my life has been informed by a reverence for the ground I walk on.” Clay as a medium is relatively new to her: “But the work is the same. Translating feeling into form, relating substance to space. I am drawn to the honesty, the groundedness of clay.”

Hours: Mon–Fri 7:30 am–7 pm · Sat 10 am–6 pm · Sun 11 am–6 pm
Location: 27 West Minnesota Street, St. Joseph, MN 56374 · Mailing Address: PO Box 397, St. Joseph, MN 56374
(320) 363-7733 ·